Big Game

Jonas Wild Devotion is the sister company to The Pepi Family Jonas Brothers Studios, which allows us to see trophies from around the world. This allows us to see who has been taking quality trophies both past and present and takes care of the trophies post harvest, the true sign of a good guide/outfitter.

JWD has sent clients successfully to 5 continents for myriad amount of game. We are very proud to say through working with Jonas Brothers Studios we have the best big game outfitters in the world. JBS has highlighted outfitters listed throughout the website but that’s not all. If you are looking to expand your collection beyond what is listed or are looking for a special species please contact us directly. We have a number of other outfitters and guides we work with that we can steer you toward to facilitate any of your needs.

Please come and Join the Devoted as we travel across the world looking for the ultimate sporting odyssey.