The Dark Continent: for people who have been there, they understand that it is like stepping back in time to a place where animals still roam the land in the thousands. The cliché is completely true that once you make it there, it will call you back again and again. Whether it is a new destination or an odyssey for a specific trophy, you will be back. For those of you who haven’t made it yet, I hope to help you understand this feeling in the future.

Hunting in Africa, no matter what country, is different than hunting in other locals around the world. From the initial drive in your safari truck to the base camp, to the long stalks in the bush – you’re in a different world. The pure abundance of game you will see in all countries is astounding and being in that atmosphere is amazing, taking in your surroundings is a significant part of your adventure. From your native trackers to your Professional Hunters who have been there and seen it all, to hunting dangerous game and scanning the open savanna for plains game everything, has a unique aspect that all outdoorsmen will enjoy.

Africa is notable and recognized for the expansive amount of big game that it has to offer, but there is much more there to enjoy then just that. South Africa has some of the best wing shooting the world has to offer. From upland hunting over well-trained bird dogs or setting up over a dam decoying waterfowl, there are an abundance of birds. Completely wild chasing these wily birds around is a true wing shooters paradise. There are many species to pursue for the collectors out there, and some of the species can only be found in Africa – thankfully, most of these birds can be imported into the United States. 

Besides top notch wing-shooting Africa offers great fishing for Tiger fish – a great adversary for conventional and fly anglers alike. These prehistoric game fish fight hard and are a lot of fun to catch. Fishing on lakes and in rivers while big game is walking the banks is something to behold. Fishing is a great trip by itself, but can be a great add on to hunting safari. 

While you are in Africa you will be taken care of from the time your PH picks you up to the moment you’re back at the airport. The hospitality is second to none, whether you are in the field or at the lodge, you will be taken care of in a way that you aren’t accustomed to anywhere else. It will be our pleasure to create an experience of a lifetime.

Jonas Brothers Wild Devotion has been there and done it. We have operations in South Africa , Zambia, Namibia , Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe to cover any safari that might interest you. Trust us with your next Safari to make it a memorable one.