England and Scotland

The fabled English countryside is full of ancient history and beautiful trophies. The rolling hills and deep valleys are lush with game. The land is filled with Roe Deer, Muntjac, Water deer, Feral Goats, and Red Stag.

Jonas Brothers Wild Devotion takes hunters to England, and limited hunters to Scotland, to pursue the king of the UK: the Red Stag.  Hunters get to enjoy a classic hunt with one of England’s premier guides that have been in the hunting industry for twenty years. Our hunts consist of one-on-one and two-on-one hunt packages that allow hunters to target trophy animals.

Hunters fly into London, which is just a few hours from the hunting destination. During your hunt, you will stay in classic English lodgings, and sometimes even in the beautiful castles that we all think of when hunting the English and Scottish countryside.  Our hunts are all spot-and-stalk hunts, no matter your target. As you will weave through tall fields of grass, and sneak through tall timber, you will enjoy spotting these small creatures.

In addition to the Red Stag, hunting in England allows one to pursue some of the most unique game animals available. Muntjac and Water Deer are truly special species because of the fangs that they sport. Muntjac’s have smaller teeth with small antlers, whereas Water Deer have no antlers but very large teeth, ranging up to two inches in length. They are a great piece to add to the collection. Roe Deer are also commonly pursued animals that create a classic hunt for everyone.

Traditional to hunting in England it can often be very wet; hunters should pack accordingly. Your guides might be dressed in traditional tweeds and similar attire, and hunters are happy to join in this tradition and dress alike. Or, you can come ready for the wet seasons for which England is known. Seasons do vary depending on the species you would like to target. Roe Deer are available in the summer, and Muntjac, water deer, feral goats, and red deer are traditionally hunted in the fall and winter.

England and Scotland are great places for your sporting odysseys, because you can indulge in their classic hunting and rich history. Often hunters will add a few days to take in the scenery after your three- to five-day hunt packages.



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Chinese Waterdeer

Red Stag