New Zealand

There are few places on this earth that are as pristine and untouched as the New Zealand countryside. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places you will get to lay your eyes on. And if that isn’t a reason alone to go and visit, it has unmatched hunting and fishing opportunity.

The south island of New Zealand is vast with rolling hills and steep mountains creating a perfect spot-and-stalk habitat for the multitude of game that flourish there.  Home to the world’s largest Red Stag that can peek the six hundred inch mark, our guides are some of the best in the business when it comes to finding and getting within range of these majestic creatures.   Being in NZ during the famous roar is a sight and sound that is so unique to hear for the first time, it will pursue your dreams until the next time you hear it again.

New Zealand’s picturesque alpine mountain range is home to one of the most beautiful creatures pursuable: the Himalayan Tahr. With its long flowing brown mane and blonde tips, it is something to withhold. These majestic creatures range from the top peaks of these mountains to their foothills. A trophy Tahr is in the 13” to 16” range and is a must-have to anyone who enjoys a free-range hunt. These hunts can either be an old-fashioned foot hunt, or you can use the help of a helicopter to bring you close to your prize and then approach on foot. JWD’s guides have been doing this for over twenty-five years and are great at what they do.  

Alpine Chamois is another creature that calls the south island’s alpine mountains home.  These small animals are part of the Capra species’ and are unique in size and horn configuration, with horns that grown straight up and hook sharply. These free-range hunts will bring you to the top of the world – places you would only see in your dreams.

However, aside from the Tahr and the Chamois, there is an abundance of other game species available to hunt in NZ.  Hunters can create hunt packages that allow you to range the countryside, looking between rolling hills of grass and into standing timber in search of your next trophy. Other free range animals include: Fallow Deer, Rusa Deer, Wapiti, Feral Goats, Feral Sheep, Wild Boar, and Sitka Deer.  All of these animals create unique spot-and–stalk adventures, and will provide you with a trophy of a lifetime. Our guides are known for finding trophy animals, no matter what species you’re looking for.

For those of you outdoorsman who would like to add another dimension to your odyssey, there is an opportunity to chase some of the largest and most elusive native brown and rainbow trout in a secluded and private stretch of river. These trout are formidable adversaries to all anglers, no matter what level of fly-fishermen you might be.

Unbeknownst to many outdoorsman, New Zealand also has a great waterfowl population; if you are there during the right time, it can be a great add-on to your adventure.  Black Swans are one of the more prized species; Paradise ducks are also available, as well as Canada Geese and a variety of puddle ducks.



Red Stag



Rusa Deer


Fallow Deer

Feral Goat

Sandbar Deer


Wild Boar

Small Game and Birds





Red Stag: Mid-February – End July

Sitka: Mid-February – End July

Fallow Deer: Mid-February – End July

Chamois: March – September

Tahr: March – September

Sambar Deer: Mid-May – October

Rusa Deer: Mid-May – October