Pepi Wild Devotion

Pepi Wild Devotion was originally founded when I was in college during my guiding and dog training days. That was the start – guiding fly-fishermen and upland hunting!  While a student at St. Lawrence University, I hunted and fished as much as I could; when I wasn’t doing that, I was at Maple Ridge Kennels helping the famous Styles Bridges train English setters. Life was great.

Not only did I guide wing-shooting and fly-fishing, but I started doing some personal dog training while working with Styles. Taking in a few Retrievers and pointing breeds for training and helping owners work their new hunting companions. Today I still take a few dogs a year, but I also help place them with some of the best trainers I know. Helping clients work their dogs to their fullest potential and doing dog evaluations is very rewarding to me, as I enjoy seeing the bond between hunting buddy and flourish.

Besides wing-shooting, I often find myself on the river. There are many dimensions to fly-fishing, as you advanced fly-fisherman can attest to. But everyone has to start somewhere and I often find myself giving instructional lessons from casting, to the essentials of fishing. Novice anglers to more experienced fisherman are always learning new things from one another, so as much as I help out our clients, they often help me become a better outdoorsman and guide.

My passion for fly-fishing has also evolved into a love for fly tying. Besides giving tutorials on the basics of fly tying, I also still tie personal orders both for trips that JWD helps promote and for your local days on the water. Give us an order and we can tie what you need. Each fly is hand-tied by myself, so I can guarantee quality. Using premium material, and having access to new and exotic material through Jonas Brothers Studios, we can tie your tried and true, and make some new changes or add flare to old trusted patterns or new unique finds.

Pepi Wild Devotion incorporates what was the beginning of my life in this industry, and my passion hasn’t waned since I have started – if anything, it grows every day. My passion for the outdoors has led me around the world chasing birds, fish, and big game, all while creating life-long friends.

Contact Michael if you are interested in any instruction, outfitting or for a day out on the river or in the field with him personally.


  • Fly Fishing
  • Fly Tying
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Evaluation


  • Fly Fishing
  • Upland hunting


  • Fly tying
  • Guiding
  • Dog Evaluation