Wing Shooting

            Pepi Wild Devotion was started because of my devotion to wing-shooting. As long I have been in the industry, I have been obsessed with hunting waterfowl and upland birds. I have personally traveled around the world in my pursuit of finding unique birds for my ornithology collection.

            Our highlighted wing-shooting destinations are some of the best guides and outfits in the world.  They truly know and understand their specialized Avian species. Besides our highlighted guides and outfitters, JWD has many locations that have specialized target species, whether waterfowl or upland quarry. If you are in search of a certain species on your bucket list, we have an outfitter for you.  Please contact us directly via phone or email to get additional information.

            Please Join the Devoted, regardless of if you are a collector or just an avid bird hunter. Nothing is better than a goose field at first light or hearing a grouse flush in thick woods.  Join us and find out for yourself.