The allure of mountain hunting is pushing yourself to the limit, and grinding it out to reach the summit, no matter what that summit might be. In a location that seems a world away, Azerbaijan provides one of the most extreme and rewarding hunting odysseys that can be encountered.

The mountains and climate of Azerbaijan are beautiful, in a strikingly intense combination that is a joy to hunt in. The mountains begin with a steep gradient at the river’s bottom, and continue straight to the top with some areas unclimbable due to their steepness; the composition of the of the mountains is of rocks, shale, and grassy knolls. The weather is unique in Azerbaijan, though as typical of mountain climates it can change from being warm to cool in the blink of an eye. Specifically in the Caucus Mountains, it can be extremely foggy; however, this works to the hunter’s advantage to get close to their targets. When the fog rolls in, the Eastern (Dagastan) Tur will roam onto the grassy knolls, allowing the hunter to approach without being detected.  Often times, the pursuit will be above the fog, creating the allusion of hunting in the clouds at the elevation of 5,000 to 10,000 feet.

Hunting Tur is a true rush – you are hunting in transcendent mountains for animals that look almost prehistoric. Tur are substantial with great girth and stockiness. Their horns resemble those of an Aoudad, though with a more romantic curvature, and can reach up to and over 40 inches, giving you a truly great trophy. Also intriguing is that the horns often keep their mass, though they are usually heavily broomed due to the rocky environment.

Tur hunts are five-day spot-and-stalk hunts. This does not include the travel in and out of base camps, which are located high in the mountains. Hunts start in Baku, with the base city of Sheki. Most hunts are with a rifle, but the number of bow hunters attempting to accomplish this feat is increasing yearly.

Whether this is your first extreme hunt or your hundredth, it is a truly amazing odyssey that you will remember forever! Join the Devoted as you concur Asia’s wild Tur hunts.