Ever dream about having a 400-point elk within bow range of you? If you have, then hunting with us in Colorado is where you need to be. Hunters will be accompanied by some of the best elk callers in the world, while enjoying one of the most beautiful lodges in the country.

You will hunt in an area just over 2,000 acres that is teaming with the biggest elk around. Hunters can hunt with rifles, muzzleloader, and bows to suit whatever you might prefer. It’s a very personal one-on-one or two-on-one hunt with great guides who pride themselves on finding trophy elk and creating an experience of a lifetime. There is something that makes your hair stand on end and your heart beat uncontrollably when a magnificent elk is called into 15 yards. It’s an experience that can’t be matched and only the people that have done it can understand what it feels like.

Elk hunts are all spot and stalk that start by traversing the terrain by horses or ATVs to get where the animals are. Once in your area, the hunters take off on foot to get within distance to pick their bull. Hunters have an easier time patrolling for bulls when they are in good physical shape, although our outfitter can accommodate all hunters’ needs.

Hunting trophy elk isn’t the only things that you can enjoy while hunting with us in Colorado. While hunting elk, you can also enjoy fly-fishing in stocked ponds for trout, as well as enjoy shooting, trap and skeet, sporting clays, horseback riding and ATV trail rides.

Our hunters have a choice in lodging. Picturesque log cabins are available in the beautiful scenery for a more rustic feel, with kitchens, living rooms, and comfortable beds. If you are looking for a more upscale experience, we have a five-star resort at your disposal, with one of the most beautiful balconies you will find anywhere, and three meals made by a gourmet chief.

Fallow Deer and Bison hunts are available upon request.



Elk: September – January

Mule Deer: Tag Pending 




Mule Deer