Who wouldn’t like to go to the islands of Hawaii and relish in their beauty, while enjoying a free-range chase for several species of animals?

Depending on what island you are visiting or where you want to hunt, we have several species that you can pursue. On the Big Island, a hunter can pursue Spanish Goats, Hawaiian Ibex, Wild Boar, and Black Hawaiian Sheep.  Lanai holds the elusive Mouflon sheep and large Axis Deer.  Maui also has Axis Deer, Wild Boar, and some Black buck tags available.

The majority of the Hawaiian Islands also boast a great variety of bird hunting opportunities that are vastly underrated. You can hunt three types of pheasants, three species of Francolin, two quail, wild chucker, sand grouse, lace-neck and barred dove shooting. Upland hunts are enjoyed over bird dogs and dove shooting is done over ground blinds.

Hunting in Hawaii can be a great family adventure because the hunts do not require a large amount of time. The longest hunt is the mouflon sheep hunts, which lasts an average of four days. Other hunts are normally two- to three-day hunts, many getting done in a day and a half. The guides know where the animals are because they live there are constantly looking for trophy animals. Our guides are very experienced and passionate people who like to make sure you have fun on your hunt.  The lead guide has well trained bird dogs that work hard and hunt within range finding the birds.

Hunting in Hawaii is a truly beautiful and unique experience that rivals nowhere else. Stalking while looking out over the ocean at the other islands then going back to relax at your hotel is a truly relaxing way to hunt.

Lodging varies based on the island and duration. We can arrange your lodging or you can book your own depending on your plans. We have several lodges/hotels that we would recommend. 




Axis Deer

Wild Boar

Spanish Goat and Hawaiian Ibex

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