North America hold the allure of many different species to pursue. However, there is nothing better than the meat and potatoes that everyone has grown up with: Deer and Turkeys.

Located in Northwest Nebraska our team has some of the very best Merriam Turkey destinations with vast landscapes full of birds. A great local guide, Scott, knows the area better than anyone. With several exclusive destinations of open land full of bluffs, valleys, tree full riverbeds and lots of wildlife rich with native traditions.

Turkey hunts are three days of action. Beginning primarily by locating birds, Scott will then set you up close, and call them within range. Like typical turkey hunts, the scouting and hunting are usually in the early morning and late evening. Regardless of the hour, however, your adventures will be well worth it, as you find groups of beautiful, mature white-fanned Toms strutting 10 yards in front of you. 

A little further east but still located in Northwest Nebraska, the plains are full of mature Mule Deer – one of the most sought after game species in all of North America. Finding big mature bucks doesn’t happen often; however, Jonas Brothers Wild Devotion takes only a few clients each year to ensure great hunts on mature trophy bucks!

Spot and stalk rifle hunts typically last five days in the open Nebraska countryside. Average bucks taken range from 160-180 inches, with deer in the high 180s to 190s taken every year with willing and dedicated clients. Beautiful big-bodied bucks are plentiful in the remote areas where our outfitter hunts. Tie up those boots, strap on the pack, and get ready to traverse the country: we will help you locate a buck of a lifetime!

Lodging is in a cozy hotel in the small town of Gering, Nebraska. Clean and comfortable and just a short drive to the hunting locations makes spreading the news of a big buck down even easier!



Mule Deer

Whitetail Deer

Merriam Turkey




November  – Deer Season

April-May – Turkeys

October-February – Waterfowl