The divergence of the two continents – Asia and Europe – holds boastful amounts of game. Turkey is a beautiful country, rich in history, culture, and beautiful wildlife. One of the most prized and majestic Ibex on the planet is found in the mountains of Turkey: the Bezoar Ibex. In relation to other ibex, the Bezoar Ibex are medium-sized, and have a dark saddle that crosses their shoulders. Bezoars also uniquely have long sykle-shaped horns, with large knobs from babes to tip; though they do not always represent the growth rings of the animal, they are characteristically handsome nonetheless.

These majestic mountain goats traverse the steep mountains with ease, making them a great adversary for all hunters alike. Jonas Brothers Wild Devotion takes both rifle and bow hunters to pursue these elusive goats. Hunts take place in the mountains for seven days. From quaint little mountain villages, to backpacking located caves, our guides do what is necessary to locate mature billies. The terrain is vast and varying; it can change from normal mountain grades to steep cliffs. Often hunters traverse rocks or tree-bound mountainsides, with ibex moving from clearing to clearing. Early season hunts can be warm and late season hunts can be bound by snow but the weather is usually predictable, which is always beneficial to mountain hunting.

All hunts are spot-and-stalk, and have an English-speaking PH, as well as the local gamekeeper and local packers. Everyone has a distinct role and the hunts perform flawlessly. These Bezoar Ibex can grow well over 57inches. Average billies range from 43-45 inches long. Currently our JWD outfitter holds the world record with a rifle as well as with a bow. We can provide you with the best guides in Turkey, from PHs to local authorities, to ensure you have the best opportunity to harvest your goals.

JWD can also assist in making travel arrangements.  We suggest taking a direct flight to Istanbul then a connector to Atalaya, where you will be met at the airport by a representative from our outfitter, who will help you gather your luggage and escort you to the base camp.



Bezoar Ibex



October – January